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The city of Avanos is located on the bank of the Kyzylyrmak, which means red river. It is located about 8 km from the city of Goreme. It is a very lively and interesting city with measured life and all amenities for tourists.
One of the interesting places is the old village of Avanosa, which looks like a beautiful labyrinth of ancient stone houses. Many of the houses have been restored, but there are those that have long been abandoned to the mercy of fate. It is in them that you can safely observe the features of traditional Ottoman architecture along with ancient ornaments, drawings and frescoes.

Another attraction is the Kyzylyrmak River. This is the longest river in Turkey. It not only separates the city from other areas of Cappadocia, but also is a supplier of clay for ceramic products. It was the red clay of this river that for many centuries was one of the main sources of income for the city of Avanos and in its time brought unprecedented fame to it. Some of the methods for the creation of ceramic products date back to the times of the Hittites - 2000 BC. The Hittites called this city “ZuWane”, and in the times of the Byzantine Empire it was renamed “Venessa”, and only later in Avanos.

This city became the center of family pottery. His famous potters make incredible beauty of clay products: from simple mugs and ashtrays to decorative plates and chess sets.
On the Kyzylyrmak river, you can safely ride a real gondola, look at the cozy fish restaurant and sample local cuisine or take a walk along the picturesque suspension bridge.

There are Turkish baths in the city Hamam - a place of relaxation, purification and the ability to understand the soul of the Turkish people.
And although there are no caves familiar to us. The city is worth a visit and feel how the locals actually live.
Also, 14 km (9 miles) from Avanos, lies the underground city of Ozkonak and interesting in architectural style Seljuk Caravanserais (13th century) and Sarihan, where Dervishes dance an enchanting, magical dance every evening.