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Pasabag , Monks Valley

On the road from Avanos in Goreme there is an extraordinary, unique in its landscape valley with the very interesting name Pashabag. Pacha means “general” - military rank in Turkish. Here you can see amazing stone pillars among numerous vineyards, which gave the name to this place “PASABAG”, which means “Pasha’s Vineyard”.

Like many other natural sights in Cappadocia, fanciful stone sculptures with mushroom caps are of volcanic origin. But only here, in Pasabag, they can be 1st, 2nd and even three-headed! This style is unique even for Cappadocia. Very often they are called fabulous chimneys - and all because of their bizarre forms!

This unique place has another name - the Monk Valley. Here is one of the famous churches - the church of St.. Simeon, which is located in the rock with three mushroom caps. Saint Simeon was born in the middle of the 4th century in Cappadocia. Rumors about his miraculous abilities have spread far beyond its borders. A great number of people who wanted to, wanted not only to see the saint with their own eyes, but also to touch him. Striving for a solitary life, Saint Simeon first moved to a height of about 2 meters, and then 15 of this mushroom-shaped stone pillar, in order to avoid heightened attention and become inaccessible to the numerous touches of pilgrims. He descended only in order to get food and drink brought by his students.

There are other cells in the valley in which the monks lived. Numerous rock rooms, open to the public, are striking evidence of this.
Of all the places in Cappadocia, this is probably one of the most unusual and worthy of being visited.