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At the highest point of Cappadocia, situated the picturesque and attractive city of Uchisar attracting with its extraordinary beauty. He deserved this glory thanks to the rock-fortress, around which the city arose in its time. Numerous rooms, hollowed out in the rock, connected to each other by stairs, tunnels and walkways - were not only a haven for many residents of that time, but also formed part of the defensive complex.

So, at the entrance to many rooms, there are doors - millstones, as in underground settlements, the main role of which is to restrict access to these rooms. Unfortunately, due to erosion in some places of this multi-level fortress, it is no longer possible to reach all the rooms. But some of the available premises have found use in our days. So, most of the rooms located on the north side of the castle are today used as homes for pigeons.

Farmers have adapted these premises to collect litter, which is an excellent natural fertilizer for their gardens and vineyards. At the very top of the fortress, the graves of the Byzantine period were discovered, but they are not of particular interest because they were destroyed and looted. But to climb the highest observation deck of the fortress stands.

There, from a bird's eye view, a magnificent panorama of the endless expanses of Cappadocia will open to your view. This is a truly spectacular sight. Found in the territory of the fortress, as well as its outskirts, and small church premises. This is most likely due to the proximity of the Uchisar Fortress to Goreme. The valley of the pigeons, popular with lovers of hiking, connects these two historical sites. By the way, it is in this valley that you will have a great opportunity to see a huge number of caves that have been converted into dovecotes. Many of them were painted white to attract birds and their valuable droppings.

Today, Uchisar is not only a fortress with its amazing stories, but also a unique opportunity to touch the past. Around the fortress and on the slopes there are located hotels, which enable the tourist to feel the spirit of the past and enjoy the extraordinary panoramas of these places.