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This city had many names. In the Byzantine period it was called Osian, then Hagios, then Prokopios, in the Seljuks period Bashhisar, and during the Ottoman Empire Burgut. And only under the rule of Mustafa Ataturk, the founder of the modern Turkish state, did he receive his final name Urgup.

This picturesque city is located on a hillside, just 20 km north of Nevşehir. This is the perfect place to start a tour to explore places such as Ortahisar, Mustafapasha, Gomeda Valley and Kesliik Monastery.

But the most famous landmark, which is located in the vicinity of Urgup, is an amazing stone sculpture “Three Beauties”. Numerous tourists come here from all over the world to see them and enjoy the stunning views of the valley.

Another interesting place is Temenni Tepesi (Hill of Desires). Several mysterious stories associated with this place.

There are in Urgup and churches: Üzumlu, Tavshanly, Kambazly and St. Basil's Church.

Another interesting feature is the hotels, which are located directly in the caves on the mountain slopes. Any tourist who stays there can enjoy the extraordinary views that open directly from the windows of the room.